School of Art & Design
University of Salford - School of Art & Design

The School of Art and Design at the University of Salford offers innovative and challenging courses in design and the visual arts, including fashion, graphics, interior and product design.

I am working particularly in Visual Arts which is a media independent fine art course on which students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own studio development. Students are free to specialise in any medium or move between and/or combine media of their choice.


My jobs: Supporting students (BA/MA) and staff members as demonstrator/instructor for digital arts (multimedia, video, photography, animation).

MacOS X system administrator and coordinator of Mac IT suite.

Teaching: Preparing and providing courses and workshops.

Software involved: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Premiere Pro, Creative Suite, Flash, Director and a variety of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) like GIMP, Inkscape, NeoOffice or Handbrake.