MCA - Festival of Fire
Festival of Fire Mossley Community Arts

Mossley Community Arts (MCA) was established in 1987 with the aim of involving people living, working or studying in Mossley and the surrounding area in arts activity.

Festival of Fire took place in October 2000 as a week of fireworks, fire, drama, spectacle, crafts, music, dance and multimedia arts in Mossley, Greater Manchester.

I worked for MCA as a commissioned artist (Artist in Residency) from September 2000 to April 2001.


My jobs: Creation of a 20 minutes long video documentary about the festival (concept, camera, digital edit).

Concept and creation of a website for MCA and the festival.

Providing the video in streaming format on the web.

Organisation of 'http' and video-stream hosting.

Scripting languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SMIL.

Software: Premiere 6.5, Homesite HTML Editor, Fireworks 4, Photoshop, RealProducer.