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About me

I am a freelance multimedia developer and author, teacher, media artist and can build on 25 years of professional experience in digital media production. A number of jobs is based in the general industry, whereby a certain focus lies on tasks from social, cultural and artistic backgrounds. Usually my working methods are equally split between conceptional and advisory tasks and the technical, administrative realisation. I am keen to build productive and longstanding relationships with my clients which in an ideal scenario lead to longtime maintenance cooperation. Speaking and writing bilingually allows me to work for both English and German language based projects.
Areas of experience are: Digital video, image editing, interface layout, web development, search engine optimization, accessibility, multimedia applications and programming. Plus a longtime practice in teaching these subject matters to art & design students and adults.


Recent Jobs

Flash Alcohol Calculator Einheiten Rechner
(Alcohol Calculator)
Flash Web Application
iWallpaper Solar System iWallpaper Solar System
Illustration, Educational Wallpaper Concept
Content Management Website, 4CEngineers 4CEngineers
Website and Content Management System
Collective Conversations, Flash Museum Kiosk Collective Conversations
Flash Video Kiosk
Manchester Museum