IDEA - Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts
Teaching Macromedia Flash and Director at IDEA

IDEA ñ Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts. A not-for-profit organisation established in 1996.

Since inception, IDEA has provided training, development and production opportunities for artists and creative technologists both face-to-face in Manchester and over the web.

I was working for IDEA in regular intervals between Autumn 2001 and Winter 2003.


My jobs: Developing and providing advanced and intermediate training for adults working in multimedia design and development. Subjects: Working with Macromedia Flash and Director.

A particular emphasis was put on methods to combine both authoring tools in one project.

Further to provide tutorial hand-outs and online support for students.

Scripting languages: Actionscript, Lingo.

Platforms: MacOS 9 and MacOS X

Software: Flash MX, Director MX and a range of support applications.