From H to O

Single-screen interactive multimedia art work

: A fusion of science, art and politics : In which sections of life-and-death drama films can be interchanged in a classic fruit-machine game format : In which alternative medical and social causes of a disease are compared between the west and the third world :

Exhibited at the 'Science For Life' gallery, Manchester Museum, Nov 2003 ñ Feb 2004

©2003 Metaceptive Productions, Kuljit S Chuhan.


My jobs: Media assembly, interface interactivity, programming.

This project required an extensive use of techniques regarding Quicktime Video and Director/Lingo.

Scripting languages: Lingo, Actionscript (AS2).

Software: Director MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Premiere Pro.

Created and directed by Kuljit S Chuhan.