The Seasons from North to South

This web application displays the periods between sunrise and sunset for five cities on the globe for the entire year. The cities are sorted from the northern to the southern hemisphere.

In this way you can see the change of seasons on our planet during a year's duration.

Incorporated too are the local Daylight Saving Times (DST) which shift the time to one hour later during the summer months in three of the displayed places (Manchester, Santiago and Stanley).

©2004/05 memetic-tv, Klaus-dieter Michel.


Technicalities: Created with Flash and supported by a XML database containing the sunrise and sunset times for all days of a year.

The days of all places are displayed in a manner as they would happen in synchronicity what is in reality obviously not the case.

The time-zones are:
Reykjavik, Manchester: UTC/GMT
Jakarta: UTC/GMT +7 h
Santiago, Stanley: UTC/GMT -4 h
(UTC = Universal Time Conversion = GMT = Greenwich Mean Time)

Scripting languages: Actionscript, XML.

Software: Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Homesite+.