Crucial Crew CD-ROM
Crucial Crew CD-ROM

Crucial Crew is an educational project of Stockport Metropolitian Borough in Cheshire.

Its aim is to raise awareness of threats and dangers to safety in a fun and effective way. The scheme's target group are children and teenagers.

The Stockport company Handel Productions Ltd. has been selected by the Council to produce a CD-ROM to support the scheme.

Handel Ltd. contracted me to assemble and develop this E-learning product.

Multimedia CD-ROM - Windows, MacOS


My jobs: Media assembly, programming, co-authorship in interface design, animation and interactivity.

Advisory collaboration with Handel Productions.

This project required an extensive use of techniques regarding Quicktime Video and Director/Lingo.

Scripting languages: Lingo, Actionscript.

Software: Director MX, Flash 8 Professional, Fireworks 8, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition.