A year in three movements.

1st Allegro moderato

The period between January and May went along with working at the University of Salford under those conditions as they have been already in place since 2006. In between I delivered lectures at Stockport College and did some considerable work on improvements of LEFTFIELD's web appearance (fine art publishing initiative).

2nd Andante moderato

During the summer months, June to September, there was first a very productive cooperation with the Revealing Histories initiative in which I took part with the creation of an interactive video application on transatlantic slave trade abolition. Once that was done I had some time left to do research and work on some of my own artistic ideas.

3rd Allegretto moderato - Presto

The start of the new academic season 2008/09 at the University of Salford in a new location, with new facilities and under streamlined management made a big change to my personal job profile as well. I'm working now for more departments, deliver more workshops and lectures and, yes, the heat is on.

2008 Year of the Rat