Welcome back to (Art!) Education

In the very beginning of this year I was still busy to finish the Crucial Crew E-learning Project from the previous year. Things like adapting it from Windows to MacOS, building check routines for necessary media players, making the very last on-demand corrections to credits, info texts, sponsor logos and the like. At last - end of February I could sit back and consider further steps in my professional career.

What I needed was a break from multimedia development on a solely self-employed basis. Things were getting worse: There was always a hunt for the next contract, workloads for projects were increasing though the pay cheques weren't. And even more frustrating, people who have money to spend for multimedia applications often don't appreciate the care and conceptional work necessary to create usable and balanced multimedia products.

Thus I sent an email to someone I know who works in a managing position in the University of Salford. Three weeks later I became IT demonstrator in the School of Art and Design. This now gives me the chance to continue in IT but also to steer my work again more towards an artistic approach.

There are new things to learn, interesting people to meet and promising perspectives to discover.

2006 Year of the Dog