The Crucial Crew E-learning project in co-operation with Handel Productions Ltd in Stockport for Stockport Metropolitian Borough is now (Jan. 2006) due to be published on cd-rom. First test series with teenagers and children at Stockport schools look very promising.

During July and August I was contracted for the second time by the Manchester Museum as sound recordist and author/digital editor of a video documentary showing the highlights of the Tomb Team Summer School 2005.

A small but nevertheless fine project was the website development for ARCHITEKTURWERKSTATT, a German architecture company.

During Jan. - Feb. I've started to developed this website including the Flash/XML application Amount of Daylight.

To mention two smaller projects which aren't explicitely documented here:

I supported, a German consultancy for event design and Internet, with some Actionscripting to control a series of technical animations for BST International, Motorized Sensor Positioning.

And again like in the previous year I edited soundtrack and animations for the German Media Education Award Show Dieter Baacke Preis 2005.

2005 Year of the Rooster