A lively year - full of socializing - in work matters maybe a little lazier than the three years before.

However, a big chunk of work went into training at IDEA. I developed a new course concept for interdisciplinary applications of Macromedia authoring tools Flash and Director resp. their scripting languages.

The multimedia art work From H To O in November at the Manchester Museum was another milestone in the working-relationship with Kuljit S. Chuhan.

I am also happy that I could convince the people from CGfL (Community Grid for Learning) to use my memory game concept for their E-learning website.

In April I gave a media art demonstration and mini performance at the Green Room in Manchester.

To bring my memory game plan even further I signed a contract with First Global Gaming (FGG) in Sale by Manchester. Goal was to adapt my game to a commercial price game with three price categories and football related images. Unfortunately a deal with a famous Football Club didn't work out as anticipated. So seen the biggest miss in 2003.

2003 Year of the Sheep