My first complete year as a freelancer in the UK.

The contract with E-learning company Vektor and its positive course meant a huge boost of confidence regarding my work within the IT and E-learning sector.

Working with Connected - a support organisation for artists recovering from mental health problems - was a wonderful experience in a very human sense.

Rewarding too that I could contribute to the Metamotion installation at the Zion Centre in Manchester what started a long-term co-operation with Digital and Video Artist Kuljit S. Chuhan.

In this context I was also involved in the Virtual Migrants exhibition Terminal Frontiers at the Castlefield Gallery in Manchester.

Further I continued working as a trainer for IDEA.

A significant miss happened when I applied for a BBC residency commission for a Commonwealth Games project. I didn't make it. Well, just writing the application and proposal was a project on its own.

2002 Year of the Horse