Visual Arts meets Gaming. This online-game challenges your visual memory. With 21 even pairs of images in multiple cardsets -

A pack of cards is laid face down and players try to select matching pairs by remembering their positions from previous attempts.

The game rules are known as Pelmanism, named after Christopher Louis Pelman, English psychologist and specialist in memory techniques.

©2001/10 | MemoryTM v4.4 | by Klaus-dieter Michel

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MemoryTM Cardsets         Up until today 14 sets have been created and contributed by visual artists from Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Serbia, Spain and USA.
Artificial Scape by Ima Pico N E W
by Ima Pico
Maybe You are a visual artist as well and you would like to design/assemble a cardset for MemoryTM.       Please get in contact with Klaus.
Under Development

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