being human - Annie Abrahams

Heidi Schaefer - artist . writer . curator

Igor Stepančić - Art - Kuljit S Chuhan

Lorraine Berry

Michael Mayhew

MP art projects

The Naked Soul of Kirk Godless - Tam Hinton - Helmut Lemke


Vatnasafn . Library of Water - A permanent installation by the american artist Roni Horn. Installed in a former library building in Stykkishólmur in West Iceland. Since her art studies Roni Horn has been inspired by the wild, impressive landscape and the people of Iceland. She calls herself a permanent tourist and even more she created and exhibited much of her artwork in Iceland. Vatnasafn / Library of Water has been installed in 2007 and represents the current highlight of her Icelandic affairs.

Leftfield . fine art publishing - This is to advertize a project I'm myself involved in. As web master and working conceptionally with the project's supervisors. Our aim is to create opportunities for emerging and established contemporary artists and designers to introduce their work and sell it in affordable formats to the public. This is done via website or shows, exhibitions in and around Manchester. Our programme includes so far high quality prints, unique objects, multiples, wallpapers and games and the price range lies between £10 and £1,600.


Memetics - Principia Cybernetica Web

Memetic Lexicon - Principia Cybernetica Web

Critique and Defense of Memesis - Onar Aam

Viruses of the Mind - Richard Dawkins

Memetics - Klaas Chielens

Do memes make sense? - Dr. Susan Blackmore

Alternative Web TV

Freedom TV - Internet TV and News Commentary (US)

TRUTHSTREAM.ORG - Streaming Videos of TRUTH (?!) to the American People

Free Speech Network - What Democracy looks like (US)

3BTV - New work by producers, writers, directors, animators and musicians (UK)

BMETV.NET - Black and Minority Ethnic Television, Film & Media (UK)


Democracy Now! - from NYC with Amy Goodman (real media)